Facebook Stock In The Crapper – Who’s Next?

The Media is doing a number on Facebook after it revealed Cambridge Analytica accessed Facebook members and their friends confidential user data. Mark Zuckerberg is as good as screwed as Federal Investigations into potential Privacy violations are opened.

Big Tech is watching your every move. Google is the biggest data harvester on the net. Google does not sell your data, but it’s food for thought – what a nightmare it would be if Google was hacked! Smartphone apps are also spying on consumers web shopping activities.

So the big 64 dollar question is.. Is eBay Inc Next? The eCommerce giant is well overdue for a major outing of it’s many bad business practices. There are many potential red flags popping up all over the site, just begging for an investigative reporter to uncover.

FBI Investigates eBay Money Laundering

FBI investigation into eBay Inc allowing ISIS to launder operation funds through PayPal

A criminal operation who is alleged to have the Feds in their pocket covering up RICO activity. These video comments alleged to be posted by company shills on the official eBay YouTube channel are making false impressions on the public. It’s market manipulation in action!

eBay Inc used to have the US Government in their pocket a few years ago. They gladly helped Barack Obama sell out America. eBay under Obama’s good graces along with many other US corporations outsourced their operations. But things have changed since then. Donald Trump is now at the helm and his motto is America First!

It’s a FACT eBay Manipulates Search Engines! Just another of their spin tactics! 🙄

The eCommerce giant has been screwing the little guy with absolutely no accountability!

eBay has the worst customer service! Not only do they blame you for following their instructions but they steal from you and let buyers commit fraud. Buy anything, select the cheapest shipping, and say you didn’t get it and they will refund you, no questions asked. Absurd!

  • Sellers are being defrauded by scamming buyers who end up getting a refund and keep the sellers item. One example is smartphone fraud. eBay received their FVF from the seller. So they instruct PayPal refund the buyers money knowing he will probably buy something else. When that happens eBay collects more seller fees. It’s all about the money!
  • PayPal is joined at the hip with eBay in buyer frud: The buyer purchased my item through EBay – then nearly 3 months later, complained through EBay, but his gripes were completely unfounded. When he got nowhere, he then went to PayPal and filed a SNAD chargeback, which PayPal forwards to [and outcome is determined by] the credit card company. I waited for over a month to find I’d lost! Paypal covers themselves by only saying the CC card company has final say.
  • And those reputation management trolls eBay hires who attack former members like Doc is a crime. Though so far nobody seems interested in investigating the social media harassment. Doc probably would have went away by now. But eBay’s troll brigade accused him of rolling back odometers and selling stolen cars on eBay Motors.

There are many other violations eBay should be investigated for . Mark Zuckerburg sure is sweating right about now. But I’m sure Zuck like eBay has the bulk of his money stashed offshore. 😆

Oh well.. As usual.. Just my two cents worth! 😎

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