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About Doc & Site Mirror is a mirror of ebaymotorssucks website, blog, and forums. There are several reasons for this mirror laid out below with a few videos for reference. 😉

For starters back in 1999 Doc was an ebay motors auto dealer who sold quality rust free used cars, and life online was good. But soon dregs of the car business found a use for those mass mailed AOL disks. Bad sellers, and even worse, scammers selling non-existent cars, were taking a toll on the trust and community values the venue was founded under.

In 2004 there was so many scams it was becoming difficult to sell a quality front-line-ready automobile. Doc registered the domain to warn the public of online used car scams. He also registered several .info domains advising consumers of fake square trade look-a-like websites, conning trusting buyers out of their money.

Doc’s seller ID was docsqualitycars so that’s why this domain was chosen as a mirror after was blacklisted. eBay Inc has a serious bag of dirty tricks to punish guys like me who protested the fraud they allowed running on their servers.

This video explains how web blacklist services block maliciously flagged content! has been hacked, cracked, ddosed, and sql injected, many times. So here we have an old retired used car dealer who learned to protect his website. When they couldn’t hack the site, they started a smear campaign. Hacking was bad enough, but to have my sellers reputation smeared all over the net, was the straw that broke the camels back.

Corporate trolls with YouTube’s good graces set up thousands of cyberbullying channels, which is well documented on mirror. They called my pastor trying to get me removed from my church, and impersonated the FBI calling friends and associates. A no morals corporation with a big bag of dirty tricks, who’s only concern is their profit! 😡

This video shows how scammers were selling non-existent high-line automobiles on eBay Motors back in 2013. Doc added the intro and outro recently documenting the YouTube smear campaign, that’s still going 6 years later, with no help from YouTube!

With this smear campaign’s effects echoed all over cyberspace, it’s a personal attack on my credibility as an online used car dealer. I did not sell stolen cars or roll back odometers. All that’s documented here is factual backed up with empirical screen capture or video evidence.

In today’s wild electronic frontier scams and fraud are an accepted business practice. Buyers and sellers are expected to lose money and merchandise to fraud, and have little recourse, because that’s just how internet business is conducted, with no sugar-coating applied.

If you’re doing business on the Internet better cover your ass! 🙁

Over the years I’ve saved countless consumers from losing their money to used car scams and bad Internet sellers. So as long as the net and YouTube are infested with lies spun up by corporate trolls, my defense will remain online for all to see!

The old saying is really true – nothing hurts worse than the truth! 😆

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